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NLP Training Vancouver

NLP training: Vancouver NLP courses and events to stimulate your mind.

05 05 PracSteve Boyley, internationally acclaimed and extensively reviewed NLP Trainer, hypnotist and corporate executive coach.

How People Think.

  • Mind control is easier than you think.
    • This is not a choice, we all have minds that are being affected by various influences.
    • You will learn how to begin controlling your mind and the minds of others.
  • Program your mind to get results.
    • You may have a certain difficulty that you would like to see come to a satisfactory resolution.
    • Find out what kinds of thoughts program your mind to sort through reality for the resources you require.
  • 09 08 prac 02How to gain rapport in an instant.
    • Making a connection with others is usually essential for achieving your goals and the outcomes you want.
    • Maintaining rapport is the key to excellent relationships.
  • 8 principles of seductive communication.
    • There are some “rules” of communication that apply in most circumstances.
  • Eyes, windows of the mind.
    • How people are thinking is often reflected in their eyes.
    • Learn to begin noticing these signals and ways to use this information to get results.

This is just a fraction of what you will learn.

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