NLP Vancouver

NLP Vancouver events and information to help people wanting NLP training in Vancouver BC.

Vancouver has easy access to internationally acclaimed NLP trainer Steve Boyley. Also a renowned, hypnotist and corporate executive coach, Steve will show you “how people think”.

  • Mind control is easier than you think.NLP Vancouver training.
  • Program your mind to get results.
  • How to gain rapport in an instant.
  • 8 principles of seductive communication.
  • Eyes, windows of the mind.

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Curious about NLP? This is fantastic training. Steve provides explanations about NLP, then dives into how to use NLP. You learn practical application in everyday life.

Experience with NLP? This is a awesome opportunity to sharpen your skills. Steve has more than 20 years experience using NLP every day in a diverse range of fields and activities worldwide. Steve also has over a decade experience training Master Practitioners of NLP. His unique perspective provides new insight and advanced skills.

podiumWARNING: Shocking, provocative, irreverent, and frequently politically incorrect. Different perspectives, explicit language and fresh ideas that could lead to expanded perceptions, enthusiastic living and release of limiting beliefs. Requires a sense of humor, curiosity and adventure.


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